What type of people are waterfront people?

Patron of Water Edge Sir Bob Harvey reflects on what makes waterfront leaders so special.

Auckland, New Zealand

"They are people who are motivated by the interaction between the past and the future. They are keen to operate on the interface between space, people, ecology, economy, and to shape the interaction between the public sphere and the private sphere, the long cycles and the short cycles.

They are people who know that the complex space of the city cannot be summarised or understood only through one lens, but must be embraced as a complex system of different strands of initiative and they want to find ways to integrate distinctive ways of seeing the city.

Waterfront leaders are important people for the future of our cities. Because waterfront redevelopment is about locking value through careful intervention, its hold a special key in understanding how to help cities be more ready for the challenges of the next cycle.

Waterfront leaders have to broad people, with vision, skills, and personalities that lend themselves to unifying actions that can succeed both quickly and slowly".

This is an out-take from Sir Bob's conclusion at Sea Edge 2012.