Documentation Brief

The success of Water Edge 2016 is reliant on the exchange of knowledge, freely shared between city leaders experienced in waterfront development in many places. This process of sharing information begins well before leaders set foot in Auckland in November 2016.

In preparation, we ask for the following documentation to be provided per city attending:

  1. A city dossier
  2. A presentation

City dossier

Each city’s waterfront story will be ‘represented’ by a city dossier of 10-20 pages.

Your city dossier should cover the following headings:

Your dossier should present your city’s story and it will need the backing of your city development agency to give a fair reflection of the decisions the city has taken. It should include the next stage of water edge development, or even the next generation of water edge development, as a sense of what’s next is as helpful as a clear picture of what has been achieved to date, and how.

Each dossier will be made available to delegates on the Attendees page of the WaterEdge website prior to the symposium so you can discover issues you have in common with other cities, and explore activities or strategies that you might look to adapt from other cities.

We’ve found that this repository of waterfront stories is a valuable source of information in its own right – long after the event. At any time after the symposium, as delegates reach a new stage of the development cycle, they can look for exemplars, and make contact for advice, ideas and solutions, possibly even visits.

Please submit your dossier to [javascript protected email address]


During the symposium’s ‘Welcome’ afternoon session, each city will have the opportunity to present their waterfront development story to delegates and a small public audience.

This is an opportunity for you to showcase your city’s achievements in brief, and most importantly outline the next steps in water edge development. We ask that your presentation is future oriented to give the symposium a taste of opportunities to come, places to visit and what the emerging trends, issues, and practices are.

You will have approximately six minutes for your presentation, so it should be around 5 slides in length and include good quality images.

Please submit both your city dossier and presentation to: [javascript protected email address]

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.